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One hundred thousand people marched against Israel’s ongoing terrorist attacks against the people of Gaza in London’s protest today. The Israeli military are targeting civilians of all ages in the besieged coastal enclave in an operation that has seen them kill around people so far, including over 70 children. (Photos: Luke MacGregor / Reuters)

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She wasnt ready

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A few things about Israel you won’t see much of in mainstream media


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Nicki Minaj speaking up about the backlash she received for her “Anaconda” cover. There will forever be a difference in how black bodies are viewed even when being marketed the same way. When black women show their bodies they are hoochies and hoes. But when white women show their bodies in a similar or even more revealing manner it is ART or fine. It can be sold in stores, seen in households without a second glance. I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with women showing skin but pointing out there’s no difference between the two. Intersectionality is real. Hard out here for black women. Feminist movement never claimed us.

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Fuck off Obama


Fuck off Obama

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كنا جبالاً في الجبال و ربما  سرنا علي موج البحار بحارا



كنا جبالاً في الجبال و ربما
سرنا علي موج البحار بحارا

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Some 500 people on Monday staged a silent protest in Tokyo against the bloodshed in Gaza, the biggest such gathering in the Japanese capital since the violence began early this month.

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when your friend posts an ugly photo of you and your crush likes it 


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